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About me
Eusi Landchuchi SRF

July 30, 2021


"Not just a hobby,

but a job "

My name is Sarah-Maria Steiner, I was born in 1995 and grew up in the Swiss mountains of the Valais.

First I attended the preliminary design course in Langenthal and then I completed my training as a ceramic designer EFZ at the Bern Design School.


After graduating, I started my own business and since then have been running a shop with a studio in Aarberg and a pottery studio in Bern, where I work on my gastro line.

My philosophy

"Sustainable products,
from the heart"

The ceramics that I produce speak for their clear and straightforward form.

Through my pieces, I always seek to reflect on how to blend design, functionality & emotionality and to incorporate my personal touch.

I work with my hands, cool clay and the whirring pottery wheel, away from the ongoing cycle of mass production.


"Sustainable products,
from the heart"

Every piece of clay that was left over has found its place with me.

I always try to recycle all waste products and use them for new projects. In doing so, I not only save costs, but also show respect for the raw material and set an example in terms of sustainability.

set in scene
cup, bowl & oil / vinegar
bowls, citrus presses & vases
dinnerware sets
cups & saucers
special model
children's plate
Pottery courses
I offer courses in ceramics for anyone who is interested in creating and making pottery by hand. I welcome beginners and advanced potters. You can learn the basic techniques of pottery on the wheel and hand techniques as well as deepen your knowledge of ceramics.
Call me, write me an email or come to my studio and let me know
how I can help you ;)
"I don't know if you can learn to be creative. But you can get the space to develop what is there."

Sarah- Maria Steiner

Ceramic Designer EFZ

Töpferei/ saramic

Greyerzstrasse 65
3013 Bern

077 437 65 00

Follow me for updates on my latest products & don't forget to tag me on your food posts - I love seeing where my plates end up!
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